The Osprey Talon 22 Backpack

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After our recent trip to REI to try on clothes and packs, I decided to purchase my first hiking backpack. Since I’m currently in no condition to do any back country backpacking, I didn’t need a huge pack – just something I could use with a hydration system and store a few important items in.

While in the store, the Osprey Talon 22 pack caught my eye. After trying it on I came to the realization that 1) I’d need the S/M size and that 2) the waist belt would never fit my gut. Still, I was determined to have the pack as I know about Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee. Not only that, but I had heard tell on the Internet that if you contacted them about needing an extender for their belt, they would send you one for FREE.

I also felt that, even if for some reason they didn’t send me the extender, I could make or buy one for myself. Happily, when I contacted their customer support I was told that they would absolutely make me an extender if I filled out their form and told them how long of an extender I needed.

Since I have just purchased this bag, I cannot give you a full review yet, but I will as time goes on and I put some miles on it. I can tell you that the construction appears solid, the bag can be adjusted to fit different sized torsos, and that I’m pretty much in love with the bag. I also purchased an Osprey 2.5 liter hydration system to use with this bag as the bag has a separate compartment with a hook to keep your bladder upright and away from anything else you might have in the bag. It also comes equipped with securing for your trekking poles which is a nice feature in a day pack like this.

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Osprey also makes a cleaning kit for their hydration packs which is very convenient and there are tons of videos out there showing you the benefits/features of the bag and their hydration systems.

I’ve been using a 1.5 liter system and it’s been just fine for a short 2-3 hour hike. But, since it’s getting warmer, and we want to hike for longer periods, I thought an upgrade was in order.

Here’s a good video outlining the Talon 22 Pack.

Here’s a good video on the hydration pack.

Have you found a good pack that fits you as a fat hiker? Please share it in the comments below! I’d also love to feature your thoughts on your favorite product(s) so please let me know if you’d be willing to share a review or the like.

We fat hikers have got to stay together!

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